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Valve Specialists are market leaders in the supply of industrial valves, both manual and actuated. Our business has served the industry since 1989, and we believe that our motto of QUALITY SERVICE TRUST aptly portrays our superior quality, world class service and the trust you expect from a service provider. We firmly believe that we have a solution for your valve requirements; give us a call, send a mail or just fill in the enquiry form and we will respond, Enjoy your browsing!

Gate Valves

A gate valve, also known as a sluice valve, is a valve that opens by lifting a barrier out of the path of the fluid.

Globe Valves

A globe valve, different from ball valve, is a type of valve used for regulating flow in a pipeline,

Check Valves

A check valve is a valve that normally allows fluid to flow through it in only one direction.

Ball Valves

A ball valve is a form of quarter-turn valve which uses a hollow, perforated and pivoting ball to control flow through it

Actuated Ball valves

Actuated Ball valves allows remote operation

Butterfly Valves

A butterfly valve  isolates or regulates the flow of a fluid. The closing mechanism is a disk that rotates

Actuated Butterfly Valves

An actuated butterfly valve  allows remote operation.

Plug Valves

Plug valves are valves with cylindrical or conically tapered “plugs” which can be rotated inside the valve body to control flow through the valve.

Safety and relief valves

A relief valve or pressure relief valve is a type of safety valve used to control or limit the pressure in a system


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Our Durban operation offers a full valve reconditioning service. We are able to fully repair, service and test valves

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We have partnered with some of the best valve manufacturers globally to provide better than average lead times

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